Who is your POSB Everyday Champion for Sports?

Together with the Singapore Sports Council, POSB your neighbourhood bank supports sports and healthy lifestyle in our community. That’s why we want to recognise and celebrate everyday Singaporeans and organisations that go the extra mile to promote sports passionately.

The POSB Everyday Champions for Sports Award 2010 is a special award for these unsung heroes. It could be your coach, your family member or even your neighbour. Tell us about them! Nomination is open from 28 February – 28 March 2010.


During the qualifying period from 1 August 2008 to 31 December 2009:

  • Nominees have actively coached in the same sport in Singapore for the five years leading up to and inclusive of the qualifying period
  • Nominees have a recognised coaching qualification, i.e. coaching qualifications from their national governing bodies, or regional and international federations
  • Nominees have made a significant impact on their athlete’s performance
  • Nominees’ athletes and/or teams have attained success at competitions in their respective levels, e.g. regional/international junior and/or open competitions for performance coaches, and local stipulated age-group and/or open competitions for development coaches
  • Nominees have contributed to their sport beyond coaching, e.g. educating or mentoring other coaches, providing service to disadvantaged groups or pioneering new training or competition methods etc.

Before you start, some friendly tips:

  • Please remember to complete every section
  • All input fields marked with (*) are mandatory. Please specify 'N.A', if the information is not applicable or not available.
  • You or your nominee may be required to provide supporting documents solely for verification. Don’t worry, all information will be kept confidential
  • Need help? Just contact us at 6324 2418 (Mon – Sun, 9am to 9pm) or email to [email protected]
  • All nominees will be assessed based on their efforts and contribution to helping amateurs, enthusiasts and athletes alike achieve their objectives in sports by garnering participation in sports or quality training programmes through the qualifying period of 1 August 2008 to 31 December 2009

 Part I Nominee’s Particulars
Please ensure that all the information requested in this section is provided.

Name of Nominee:*  
Date of Birth:  
Age:* Years       
Main Sport that Nominee is Coaching:*   
Contact No. (H):  
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Part II Nominee’s Coaching Quality
Please tell us how the Coach ensures that quality coaching is maintained at all times during his/her coaching sessions. Please provide specific examples of how the Coach had demonstrated the following ethical coaching behaviours:
Ethical Coaching Behaviour Please provide specific examples of how the Coach has demonstrated the behaviours listed in the left column, and highlight behaviours that are beyond those expected of a coach
(i) the Coach is sensitive to athletes' needs and cares sincerely ... *  
(ii) the Coach gives constructive feedback... *  
(iii) the Coach sets training goals collaboratively with athletes … *  
(iv) the Coach continually keeps his coaching skills updated and … *  
(v) the Coach has sound training programmes and collaborates with other coaches/trainers where necessary… *  
(vi) the Coach ensures athletes' safety and well-being … *  
(vii) the Coach is able to motivate athletes effectively... *  
(viii) the Coach actively promotes fairplay … *  
(ix) the Coach values others' inputs and keeps communications open… *  
(x) the Coach maintains the highest standards of personal conduct and is a good role model... *  

Championing Sporting Culture
Please tell us why you feel that the nominee deserves to win the award. Do provide as many examples as possible of how the nominee has consistently gone the extra mile to champion sports. *
Part III Your Particulars
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Age:*   Years      
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