Monthly Issue 10 / October 2009
BSO 2008 Champion Jeev Milkha Singh. Photo Courtesy of World Sport Group
Teeing off Barclays Singapore Open 2009
More Swinging Action from around the World

Sentosa Golf Club’s par-71 The Serapong Golf Course will once again play host to a line-up of star golfers from around the world, from 29 October to 1 November.  

This is the first year that "Asia’s Major” will be co-sanctioned by the Asian and European Tours, where players will compete for a share of the US$5 million prize purse.  

Famed champions and last year’s runners-up Padraig Harrington from Ireland and South African Ernie Els will return this year, looking to go one better than the previous edition and leverage on their season’s strong performances to date.
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Hamilton takes the lead on the Marina Bay Street Circuit to win the Singapore Grand Prix
Glock and Alonso swoop into 2nd and 3rd positions respectively

It was euphoria all around as both drivers and spectators raved about the enhanced race experience in the 2009 FORMULA ONE SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, the world’s only night race. The Crashgate incident was but a faded memory amid the light-splashed streets and acrid smell of burnt rubber as the FORMULA ONE machines ate up asphalt to be the first past the coveted finish line.

Storming from the pole position and into the lead from start to end, Hamilton delivered a pulse-racing performance to the roaring approval of die-hard McLaren fans. And in the race seen by a world-wide audience of an estimated 100 million motorsports fans, Alonso also proved with his 3rd placing, that his win at the Singapore circuit last year was by no chance staged.
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The Nike+ Human Race on 24 October 2009
The Day the World Runs in Singapore
The Nike+ Human Race 10k is back for its sophomore year

Themed as ‘The Day the World Runs’, the race will take place on 24 October 2009.  Hosted in 25 cities around the globe, including major cities such as New York City, Buenos Aires, London, South Korea, Melbourne and Rome, Singapore is the only host city in South East Asia. By fusing the cyber world with the physical running world, the seamless race is practically open to anyone, anywhere.
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National Coach for YOG Byte CII Squad, Mark Plummer, getting his new hair-do.
Photo courtesy of Singapore Sailing Federation.
Coaches Day 2009 – A Day of Island-wide Celebrations

September 11 was a fun and memorable time for many on Coaches Day. Celebrations of, and for, our sporting heroes took an interesting twist this year. Veering from the conventional dinners, several National Sports Associations, clubs and athletes chose to show their appreciation to their coaches in a more sporting way. The TPT team had the privilege to participate in some of the many celebratory events that went on around the island.
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Dear Readers

Gone are the days when golf was a game for the rich. Now, it is one of the more popular sports around, played by
both the young and the not-so-young.

Perhaps golf’s evolution has something to do with the adrenaline that comes with executing the perfect Tiger Wood’s swing and the breath-taking greenery of the golf course, which can be strangely, but understandably, addictive.

Or it could be because fashion tips can be obtained simply by watching pro-golfers in action. Just check out Grace Park in her sexy golf wear, or the stylish sports watch decked on the wrist of Nicolas Vanhootegem, and you will know what I mean.

As for me, even though I am a duffer (slang for bad golfer) and will never qualify for the National Squad, I know for certain that I can, with some retail therapy, look like Grace Park when I next strut down the golf course.

TPT Editor

*The Aspiring Sports Golfing Fashionista
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14/10/09 - 18/10/09
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Golf Basics for Beginners (Brought to you by
Aim of the game
• To achieve the lowest possible score over 18 holes.

Basic Terminology:
• 18 holes:  The game is played over 18 holes with targets set for each hole, namely par 3, 4 and 5s.
• Par: The number of strokes needed to complete a hole, for e.g. a zero handicap golfer should take three shots to put it into the hole for a par 3.
• Handicap: A proficiency rating given, from zero to 24 strokes over par, to a golfer to complete 18 holes.
• Golf clubs: Different clubs carry the ball over different distances, from the Putter for the shortest distance to the Driver for the longest distance. A maximum of 14 golf clubs are permitted in your golf bag.
• Distance and Direction: The only two factors that a golfer needs to consider when hitting the ball into the hole - distance (the length a golfer will need to hit the ball into the hole) and direction (left and right).  

Tips for Starters:
• Coaching: Spend your money wisely on hiring a qualified professional instead of splurging on the latest equipment. DO NOT attempt random tips read in magazines or on TV without qualifying them with your coach. Never listen to your friends or passersby's advice
• Practice: Practising the wrong technique does not make it perfect. Practise only what your coach teaches. Never listen to tips or advice from your friends or passersby as you may end up picking up a wrong habit.
• Patience: It takes an average of 10 years' training to be good at any sport, and golf is no different. Improvement happens stroke by stroke and not by chance.
• Preparation: A good game starts with good preparation. Be prepared both physically and mentally. Turn up early, do your warm-ups, keep yourself hydrated and just enjoy the game!

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