Monthly Issue 11 / November 2009
Pathman Matialakan (in yellow) going for the hoop.
Photo courtesy of Francis B. Espeleta
The Inaugural ASEAN Basketball League
An Interview with the Slingers

Televised “live” over ESPN Star Sports with GE as its title sponsor, the
inaugural ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) tipped off with a fabulous start to
the season. And with a string of recent victories, the Slingers seem all prepped to take their opponents down by storm.  

In a recent interview with The Play Times, Frank Argeso, the Slingers’ coach,
was quick to attribute the initial success of the team to their great chemistry.
Despite being assembled just two months ago, the team, made up of a
seemingly eclectic mix of local and foreign players, proved to be a strong
squad on the court. 
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A triumphant Tao Li at FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2008.
Photo courtesy of Singapore Swimming Association
Butterfly Stars To Whip Up A Tsunami
Singapore’s Tao Li to meet Olympic butterfly winners Trickett and Schipper
again at FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2009

Singapore’s very own 19-year-old Tao Li will flex her wings against two of the
world’s top butterfly swimmers, Libby Trickett and Jessica Schipper, at the
FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2009. This world-renowned competition will take place on the 21st and 22nd of this month at the Singapore Sports School.
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The launch of created a lot of hype at Velocity @ Novena Gets a New Look and Life!

Launching its revamped and refreshed look at Singapore’s dedicated sports and lifestyle mall, Velocity Novena, the three-day roadshow over 2 – 4 October
showcased the enhanced and additional offerings of
A first-stop sporting lifestyle portal, the website boasts of improved user
experience, a comprehensive sports event calendar and exciting monthly online contests amid other fun-filled features.
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Lecturer: Exercise Physiologist Mohamed Faizul
Has Your Coach Been Coached?
Increasing the standards of the coaching profession

With a career in sport gaining popularity in recent years, the previously-undervalued coaching profession now ranks with other conventional and respected vocations. Outstanding coaches such as Ang Peng Siong and Fandi Ahmad have become more than just household names for sporting excellence; they have become sports mentors in their own rights.
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Dear Readers

October was
another exciting
month for sports.
On 24 October,
over 10,000 local
runners took to the road in the much
anticipated global run, the Nike+ Human
Race 10k 2009. The golf green at the
Sentosa Golf Club also saw top-notch
golfers pitting their skills against one
other at the Barclays Singapore Open
2009 on 29 October.

At the height of the sporting action was
the inaugural ASEAN Basketball League
(ABL). A five-month-long season from
October 2009 to February 2010, the ABL
is a key milestone in the promotion and
broadcast coverage of basketball in the
region. The League provides an effective
platform to develop basketball both as a
sport and as a profession, as well as to
provide fans with heightened
accessibility to the sport. Fans can
expect to see more nail-biting action,
both “live” in their countries and “live” on

Looks like my eyes will be glued to the
TV screen for some time to come.

TPT Editor

*I have always dreamt of being one of
those pom pom girls who does really
impressive splits and acrobatic
somersaults on court before the game
and during the intervals. But the reality
is, if given a chance to appear on court
at all, I would probably end up as a team
mascot rather than a cute cheerleader.

Oct 30 - Nov 08
Nov 21- 22
Nov 8
Nov 06 - 08
Nov 21 - 22
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Basketball Tutorial

Athletically challenging and immensely
fast-paced, basketball is a very popular
sport locally, especially in schools and
among the residential communities.

With over a 1,000 Free-To-Play courts
available islandwide, it is easy to take
up the game.

Game Basics
Basketball is played by two teams of
five players each. The players pass the
ball to one another, or run with the ball
while bouncing it on the ground. Two
points are awarded for each successful
throw into the opponents' basket, except
for throws from outside the three point
line (three points), or for penalty free
throws (one point).

Play Ball!
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Pro Ball
To catch some pros in action, check out for
information on the inaugural ASEAN
Basketball League.