Locks, throws and takedowns may sound scary to most of us but they are a part of Team Singapore's Kester Leung's arsenal in the ring.

In fact, it were these moves which attracted the 16-year-old to the sport of wrestling.

"The rules have not changed much since ancient times," explained the bespectacled 16-year-old.

"Besides, it looks pretty cool and its fun!"
YOG Sportslights -
History of Wrestling
YOG Sportslights -
Learn Wrestling the
Right Way
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Wrestling Techniques
Coaches Corner:
Top US Wrestling Coach, Tom Hutchinson speaks

Dear Readers,

Let's get ready to rumble! It's wrestling time this month! We are not referring to entertainment wrestlers
from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but the serious professional wrestlers.

Wrestling in this context, is an ancient sport that dates back almost 15,000 years, and unlike the type of wrestling in the WWE, where there are punches, kicks, and even gravity defying moves, the wrestling that we are talking about is somewhat different.
More Singaporeans are stepping up to the plate, not only to embrace a sporting lifestyle themselves, but also to encourage others to be sporty. On 8 June, exemplary individuals and organisations who take the lead in promoting sports were honoured as winners of the POSB Everyday Champions for Sports Award 2010.
The recently crowned World Table Tennis Champions paraded around Singapore on Saturday, 26 June to celebrate their victorious win over China at the LIEBHERR 2010 World Team Table Tennis Championships last month.

Present on the Hippo Bus were table tennis stars Feng Tianwei, Li Jiawei, Wang Yuegu, Yu Mengyu, Sun Beibei, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC and President of the Table Tennis Association Er Lee Bee Wah and the female team's coach Zhou Shusen...
  Our wrestlers use grappling moves and their main objective is to pin their opponent to the ground. This is done by holding both the opponents shoulder blades to the mat for a full second. This is known as a fall and results in an automatic win.

I never had the luxury or time to try out this sport as during my time, I did not have an interest in wrestling and there was not really anywhere that offered specialized wrestling training even if I had any interest. But today, we have our very own Asian Wrestling School, the very first and only wrestling school in both Singapore and Asia that is equipped with Olympic mats and world class instructors to provide top quality, wrestling instruction in the region.

Wrestling is a sport which develops poise, enthusiasm, perseverance, respect and self-discipline in both boys and girls. So what are you waiting for? Do head down to try out and learn various styles of wrestling.

Do support Team Singapore wrestlers, Kester Leung and Natasha Puteri Erna who will be representing Singapore at the upcoming Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

- The Big Mike


YOG Sportslights -
History of Wrestling

The term wrestling is an Old English word that originated some time before 1100 A.D. It is perhaps the oldest word still in use in the English language to describe hand-to-hand combat. Read More
YOG Sportslights -
Learn Wrestling the Right Way

It's time to free up your Saturdays to learn a little bit more about Freestyle Wrestling. Read More
YOG Sports Guide -
Wrestling Techniques:

The Play Times takes a look at one of the most common wrestling techniques used: the Single-leg takedown. Read More
Coaches Corner:
Top US Wrestling Coach,
Tom Hutchinson speaks

The intense weekend-long coaching course consisted of units, such as strength training, flexibility training, methods for recovery, psychology of competition, and practice organisation. Read More

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