December 5 2010 will go down in history as yet another milestone in Singapore's sporting history. Some have even gone as far to call it the event which Singapore has been waiting for.

Billed as "A Race Like No Other", the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), the organisers of the inaugural Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2010, are putting their finishing touches to the Asia's pinnacle race as this edition of The Play Times is being published.

  The Team Singapore contingent, led by Chef-de-Mission Low Teo Ping, waves their flag during their march past at the Opening Ceremony of the 16th Asian Games at the Aoti Main Stadium.  
  A proud moment for Singapore as our flag is raised for the first time in the 16th Asiad for Tao Li's Gold medal in the women's 50m fly.  
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Interview with Catwoman -
Jenap Said

Dear Readers,

You can hear them cheering as you near the finish line. You see them gathered along the last leg, motivating and edging you on. The supporters, be it your friends or family, make a difference in your race. They are a great source of encouragement to the runners, all while lending a colourful spirit and verve to the event festivities.

When I last ran my last race, there were many times along the route where I just wanted to give up.

I persevered and pushed myself and somehow managed to complete it. The supporters played a huge part in me running past the coveted finish line. Even to this day, I vividly remember the atmosphere and how those words of encouragement somehow motivated me to finish my own race.

For the SCMS 2010, I will lend my voice and encourage the runners along their route. I hope more people will head down and do the same. The supporters will also enjoy the various race routes and cheer the runners on.

Get ready to enjoy a day of excitement and camaraderie on Sunday, 5 December 2010. Cheer the runners on as they pound the road at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. However, if you are unable to be at the marathon, fret not, you can still enjoy the action live on and Starhub Cable Vision's Supersports Arena (Channel 201) on 5 December from 4.45 am.

Wesley Lewis


Ready To Net The World
Four years ago, Singapore's women's netball team emerged as the champions of the inaugural FairPrice Foundation Nations Cup. This year's team is gearing up to repeat its feat as they clash with teams from five other countries - Namibia, Scotland, Tanzania, Wales and India.
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Interview with
catwoman - Jenap Said

How do marathoners tick? That was the question buzzing around in our collective mind. The Play Times team gets the answers from Jenap Said who is so not your average marathoner - she runs in costumes and is particularly well known for her trademark Catwoman costume.
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