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Energise yourself with our fun aerobic classes! Workouts are aimed at improving your overall cardiovascular fitness with aerobic routines ranging from simple to challenging. Available in Low impact, Hi Lo and Cross Training.

Tone and strengthen  your calves, thighs and buttocks with aerobic moves on an exercise bench!

For a splashing good time in a pool, try aqua aerobics! Enjoy the perfect low impact aqua workout complete with music accompaniment. What's more, no swimming skills are required.


If you are looking for a high-octane workout, CardioBOX will satisfy your adrenaline fix. This non-contact exercise gives you a full body workout that combines boxing, dancing and aerobic movements to improve your stamina and tone your body.

Want variety in your workout?
Experience an interesting combination of CardioBOX, Aerobics and Body Sculpting all in one lesson!

Perfect for those who love high-intensity routines, this workout provides a perfect blend of boxing and kicking movements, guaranteed to improve your strength, muscle tone and endurance.

Get your adrenaline pumping with swift moves and kicking techniques from Western Boxing and Muay Thai boxing for an absolutely satisfying workout!

This intensive Cardio Sculpt workout tones all major muscle groups through cardio-interval exercises with sculpting segments. Each session improves cardiovascular. Each session improves cardiovascular fitness and helps you achieve a leaner and toner body through the use of conventional fitness equipment. It's the total body workout for everyone!

Get into shape now! A workout with challenging moves that shapes and tones your body without building unwanted muscular bulk. It's an entertaining low impact training course using resistance equipment such as exercise bands.

Rejuvenate, heal and tone up to a brand new you with Hatha Yoga! A holistic way in attaining overall wellness in your body and mind!


Take up this challenging and advanced aerobic yoga regimen if you already have a background in Yoga. Benefits from this class include improved strength, better circulation and a calmer mind.

Power up your fitness with yoga! This dynamic regimen demands fit enthusiasts who are looking for something more challenging than a gym workout. You can look forward to an improved cardiovascular system and also reap the benefits of traditional yoga.

A physical exercise, massage and therapy for the body all rolled into one fun workout! Body rolling makes use of a special ball to stretch, massage, and strengthen muscles and joints.

For a low-impact workout, try out this programme which makes use of simple resistance bands and weights to help you achieve a leaner body and better posture.

This holistic workout gets you back in tune with your body as you stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, improve flexibility, tone up and eliminate pent-up tension.

Discover the taiji master in you. This century old Chinese martial art discipline teaches you self-defence, balance, flexibility and strength. Composed of a series of combat postures, it enables you to control your body and mind in perfect harmony.

Feel energized and rejuvenated with our Gyrokinesis classes! With the simple use of a chair, exercise with synchronised breathing techniques gently strengthen the spine through a series of rhythmic and undulated movements. Witness results such as improved stamina, strength and vitality after the workout.

Join this social movement that puts you in the harmonious line-up of fellow line dancers. Young and old alike can reduce calories and relieve stress while you dance to a fitter you.

Groove to the beat of the latest hip hop tracks with our energetic dance routines! Impress your friends with cool dance moves while getting a great workout at the same time!

With its sizzling hot moves, it's no wonder salsa dancing is a gaining popularity amongst all age groups. Focus on having a good time and a great workout while having a blast mastering the moves of this sensual dance style.

Train your agility, coordination, mental alertness and overall fitness with this brisk addictive game with your buddies that promises endless hours of fun!

If you are looking to improve your child's motor skills, gymnastics if the ideal activity, which will help develop muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and kinesthetic awareness. It is also a great activity to improve endurance, confidence and enhance participation in other physical activities.

Popularity known as rollerblading, inline skating is an exhilarating sport that will help you burn excess calories while promising you an adrenaline-filled adventure every time. And did we mention that it's great fun?

Fun, fast paced and interactive! Tennis develops overall fitness as well as agility. This sport trains your cardiovascular fitness and coordination power whether it is played recreationally or competitively.

Using the fundamentals principle of balance and control, this Chinese martial art serves to train your determination and holistic wellness.