OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011

Start date :  Mar 04, 2011
End date :  Mar 06, 2011
:F1 Pit Building

Admission :  Fees apply for participants
Dress Code :  Casual
Category :  Cycling
Website :  http://www.ocbc.cyclesingapore.com.sg/

Additional information

NEW! Professionals Race at Night

Adding to the thrill, is the Professional Criterium which will be held on the night of 5 March. For the first time in Singapore, watch the international cycling pros pit their skills against one another - under the stars! 


NEW! Rock & Ride Festival presented by OCBC Cards

Watch your favourite local music acts at our Rock and Ride Festival - as the excitement is set to begin even before the rides do!   Spend an evening at the Cycling and Lifestyle Village, feasting your eyes on the bold and unique works of our commissioned artist, Lip Chin,and picking up just what you need for a great ride with the various promotions taking place. 


NEW! Routes for The Nissan Challenge (40km), The Super Challe

Let’s hit the road again as OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011 rides into town!                                        
Join us for the cycling event of the year as the fun goes on for three days in a row, starting from 4 March!
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