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3rd Asian Indoor Games 2009

Start date :  Oct 30, 2009
End date :  Nov 08, 2009
:Hanoi Vietnam

Admission :  Refer to website
Dress Code :  Casual
Category :  Games
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Additional information
The mascot of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games is the Ho Chicken, a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken. The Chicken is familiar with Vietnames people. According to folklore, the chicken, particularly the rooster, has the five qualities of a man of honor: literary, martial arts, physical strength, humanity and loyalty
The image of a Ho chicken rising himself to welcome the sun is like Vietnam’s sports industry’s readiness to welcome Asian sport.
The Logo is the logical, scientific and proper combination of the features, both strong and flexible, of the typical motifs of sports games in Vietnamlike the torch, the lotus and the symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia. The logo is the image of a torch created by flaming colorful petals, lighting up an ambiance, exciting and imposing, of a major sports event. The lotus, with the petals joined together like twisted hands, a symbol of solidarity, frendship and cooperation.
A flower with many colors also symbolizes the vigorous vitality and the records made by the athletes and participating sports delegations. The lotus is a symbol of beauty, the beauty of delicacy and simplicity, strongly imbued with the iddentity of Vietnamese culture. The logo of the Olympic Council of Asia is the image of a pistil, fresh and long lasting. It is also the red sunlight of victory and future-oriented development.
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