Monday, May 11, 2009
Bodybuilding Heavyweights Flex it Out
By Ajeeja Limbu

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The titans of Singapore bodybuilding converged together at the 47th National Bodybuilding & Fitness championships held at the Victoria Theatre on 10 May.


The theatre was packed to the brim with spectators cheering for their favorites. There were plenty of testosterone pumped bodies and a handful of beautiful ladies from the crowd who were screaming their lungs out, hoping to psych up the contestants.


Edwin Thia, who narrowly missed out on winning the Junior Men's 60kg & below category, started building his body up three years ago as a means to lose weight. When asked about the benefits of bodybuilding, he said,‘‘I have grown stronger physically and mentally and I feel that this has helped me in many aspects of life, especially in dealing with stress.''


The highlight of the day was the Mr. Singapore final which is the most coveted title in the entire event. Seven men, each champions in their own right, had a shot at the title. They flexed and squeezed their muscles to their outer limits, beads of sweat dripping down their well-sculpted bodies.


But eventually, Chan Wai Tek emerged as Mr. Singapore. A point behind, in second place, was Jonas Asis Tam.


All in all, 68 medals were awarded to the contestants and in the words of the current Singapore Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation President, Mr. Letchmenon, ‘‘Everyone is a winner, no matter what position you get. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to maintain the diet and exercise that is required in bodybuilding.''