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Author: Jiajun Created: 11/14/2008 1:11 AM
It all about running. The runs, trail, testing of shoes, equipment, techniques and blah blah the joys, pain, boredom, aiya everything lah. Ask so much for wat read lah, you will know.

By Jiajun on
by Jiajun on 1/14/2009 7:47 AM

Its 445am on the tuesday morning, I couldnt get to sleep. The weather is very cooling with strong pre dawn winds.
I am debating whether to go back to sleep or go for run. Both is very tempting for me.
Finally  i decided to go for a run, i jump out of my bed  brush my teeth, have a quick bite(bananas) and at 
515  i am at the park all ready for the run, everything is done quickly in case i change  my mind LOL.
I need to complete the run by 7am so that i can get to work on time. So i ran 2 laps along the coast of pasir ris beach.
wah the wind is really strong and it is really cold. I dun think i hardly sweat for the first 5km or so, perhaps it has been dry up or wicked away.
I try very hard to keep my pacing at 6min/km but it very hard cuz i still not very familiar with my polar watch, i dunno how to fix the pacer alarm yet. maybe they dun have this function. Anyway i completed the run with a 6.09min/km pacing.
Distance 15km
Time: 1h 32min
Total : 40km

By Jiajun on
by Jiajun on 1/14/2009 7:41 AM

Last Sat morning, I ran to changi village including the loop passing by Hedon Camp. 
This route is part of the sundown marathon road. The loyang ave part where there is
two long slope of up and down.
I ran all the way to the changi boardwalk thinking that its link all the way to the beach but to my  surprised the
boardwalk stops halfways so i have to U-turn and exit . Lucky i found the turning that leads to changi village.
Else i would be running all the way out thru hedon camp . There is a lot of cyclist on my way back, i think about 100plus
over people, they practically took the whole lane.
Haiz  now that my bicycle is stolen i cant do cross training
Distance 15km
Timing : 1h 37mins
Total Distance: 25km

By Jiajun on
by Jiajun on 1/6/2009 11:15 PM

i got myself a polar rs200sd and took it for a run today.
it  recorded an average pace of 5.44mins/km and  most of the  time
i am at 85% to 92% of my heart rate  zone.
Little do i know what that actually means.
But according to some website, we  should only keep in this range not more than a certain period of time
but i have more than 40mins in this zone.
I did a 10km as  according to the distance on the watch, it went an additional 250m longer as compare to my Garmin watch.
Even though i haven calibrated my footpod, i thought it has a  97% accuracy.
Anyway, it is still a good morning run no doubt  abt it.
Clocked 10km in 59mins, hit a  stand still at the traffic light thrice.
Distance 10km
Time 59mins
Total Distance 10km

By Jiajun on
by Jiajun on 12/31/2008 10:31 AM

The final run of the year!
On the last day of 2008, i did my  final run of the year intended to do 21km run, but i forgot to wake up early
haha in the end, only did a 10km run, all is  still good
As  it marks a  new  beginning phrase of training for my sundown marathon.
I wonder whether i can improved my timing as compared to SCSM.
Looking back, i have been running actively for the past half a year. it has been a fulfilling year and manage to complete my SCSM in a sub 5 timing.
My goal next year for runnning is to bring the timing down to 4h45mins.
what started as a casual running to keep fit and boost my ippt timing has turned out to be a passion.
I wont know how long it will last.
Let the fire continue to burn! Run to freedom!
Distance 10km
Time: 56mins
Total Distance: 128km

By Jiajun on
by Jiajun on 12/28/2008 10:11 AM

After two weeks of non-running, i cant  wait to hit the tracks again.
Every particle of my body, want to run. Run to freedom.
Yesterday, i tried my 10km run with my newly acquired Garmin 301(Second hand)
I think i got it abit too expensive, but anyway what bought is bought. As you can see i am not good at  negotiating deals. whatever the case is. the watch is still in workable condition.
Althought it is abit hard to operate and i dun understand most of its  functions. hehehe
My 10km usual route from my house to pasir ris park, cruising along the whole of the coastalline of pasir ris beach. its really amazing, after resting for so long, the 10km run seems to have awaken all parts of me.
i wonder when will the kick of running leave me, maybe it will never and stays with me throughout. 
Distance 10km
Time 55mins
Total Distance: 118km  

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