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Author: TILT Created: 11/6/2008 11:17 PM
With the inclusion on Handball in Youth Olympic Games, it is my hope that through this blog, more people can understand, play and support Handball!

By TILT on
by TILT on 11/13/2008 12:21 PM

Since her set-up in April 2008, Handball Federation Singapore (HFS) has been actively setting in place processes and outreach programme. With  more people interested in handball, only then can HFS have a sufficient pool of base to put up a credible show during the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2010.

Run by passionate volunteers, HFS's outreach programme has garnered some positive feedback in this short amount of time. Below is an excerpt from Hwa Chong International School

"On behalf of Hwa Chong International School, I will like to thank you and your team of handballers, for coming down to my school and showing my students what your sport is about. Many of them enjoyed the game and have indicated an interest in furthering in this sport!"
Jeryl Sim
Sports Secertary
Hwa Chong International School

This is testimonial of HFS's efforts in her outreach programme. In fact, as long as anyone is interested in trying, HFS will be more than willing to share. The promotion of handball in Singapore lies in the hands of Handball Federation Singapore (HFS) but the success...depends on the public, depends on all residing in Singapore. HFS hopes you can take this step together with us.

By TILT on
by TILT on 11/8/2008 5:43 PM

After weeks of discussion with Handball Federation Singapore (HFS), it is now official that TILT will be the Official Media Partner for HFS.

Over the years, TILT has grown from a design house that specalised in print media to a One-Stop Design House with in-house capabilities in

  • print media
  • web design
  • web application
  • photography
  • event management
  • and most recently, public relations

    As sports enthusiasts themselves, TILT has worked with several national sports associations previously such as Basketball Association of Singapore, Floorball Association of Singapore, Paintball Association (Singapore) as well as national sports bodies such as Singapore Sports Council, Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee as well as Singapore Disability Sports Council, just to name a few.

    "This partnership with Handball Federation Singapore is apt as it will serve to further cement our position in the sports industry as well as assist Handball Federation Singapore to promote handball awareness in the local front such that Singapore can become a sports hub in the future. It is a small contribution from us but we hope that this small step can allow Singapore to take a giant leap in the sporting arena."

    Randy Lim
    Principal Partner

    On the eve of the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, Ms. Mary Ang shared with us her thoughts.
    "We are very glad to have TILT with us on board in Handball Federation Singapore. We have full faith in their capabilities. Handball Awareness Week, held in December 2008, is our first step together and we have full confidence that together with TILT and our other partners, handball can raise to a new level, not only in the local front, but on the international front as well"

    Mary Ang
    Handball Federation Singapore

    The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding will take place on 9th November 2008 at Braddell Heights Community Centre.

  • By TILT on
    by TILT on 11/6/2008 11:17 PM

    TILT was interviewing and conducting a photoshoot for Ms. Mary Ang, President of Handball Federation Singapore, when she posed this question to us.

    "You’re standing in a court, surrounding with players, waiting for a small object to come flying in your direction. Suddenly you see it, and you quickly run out to it and try to catch it before sprinting 3 more steps and throwing it with all your might. Are you:
  • playing basketball?
  • playing futsal?
  • playing captain's ball?
    NO! You’re playing handball!"
  • Through this session, we grew to learn more about handball. Handball is a popular, spectacular, dynamic and exciting sport. It requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork. Over 15 million people play the game in approximately 140 countries around the world. It is a wonderful mixture of soccer, basketball and a few water polo tactics thrown in. Handball is one of the fastest growing sports in Northern Asia and Africa. The fact that it will become one of the sports in the Youth Olympic Games 2010 is a demonstration of its growing popularity.

    The game of handball is fast and dynamic. As with most other sports, players need to be fit and most importantly, know how to work for the team and as a team. Handball builds on natural human movement such as jumping, running, throwing and as such, has a relatively rapid learning curve for anyone who wishes to pick up the sport. Tactics, strategies and problem-solving are elements that are inculcated into handball as well. As per any physical activity, this is a sport which is performed and generated by thinking. A player has to be able to perform under stress. During the game, he / she will have to see, estimate, conclude and act reactively.

    This is why anyone can play handball! You only need to take that first step out and give it a go! As a team game, it also actively promotes developing social and interpersonal skills. Corporation is the key! Mary's sharing session with us how handball has made her a more determined person with the character to endure life's ups and downs. In fact, her parting shot to us was "If you say jump, I'll say how high?"

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