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Author: houdini Created: 11/6/2008 12:22 PM
Did you know paintball was played as an organised sport? Do you know there are many teams in Singapore playing each week and competing in international paintball tournaments? Find out about the sport of paintball or 'speedball' as it's better known and follow the trials and tribulations of one of Singapore's paintball teams - Team Damnation.

By houdini on
by houdini on 3/23/2009 11:57 PM

The official results were released for the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit Leg 2 last month in KL. Two Singapore-based teams, The Red Sevens and Team Damnation competed and achieved 4th and 5th places respectively in a field of 21 teams in Division 3. This has moved both teams up the rankings of the MPOC series ladder with 3 more legs left in the season.

As captain of Team Damnation it has been a struggle for all of the team to get as far as we have, given that Singaporean laws forcing us to train with our own markers in Malaysia (as we are not allowed to keep or transport our markers into Singapore). I love the sport of paintball but I really wish more action would be taken by those in the paintball industry and those in contact with the SSC and local authorities to fast-track changes so that paintball players in Singapore can train in Singapore and still compete overseas.

We are trying to get more recognition and to promote the sport to everyone but are limited to expanding the sport due to many strict regulations. It's encouraging that countries like Australia have amended their firearms laws to separate paintball markers into their own sports firearms category - allowing paintball players to own and keep their own markers under strict licensing conditions but also opening the doors for the sport to expand and be more accessible to those who want to play.
The Malaysian Tourism board fully support paintball by sponsoring many of the regional tournaments in various Malaysian States as does the Minister for Sport & Youth. This has seen the sport boom in the 3 years that it has been widely promoted, with many new fields and thousands of players. I can only hope that one day, someone from Singapore who wields more power and has more money than us poor paintball players, will come to our rescue and help us achieve our dreams. If you are feeling like being a fairy godfather or godmother please wave your magic wand!!!! Sponsors, sports lovers, local media - we need your help...

By houdini on
by houdini on 1/6/2009 11:16 AM


Team Damnation are traveling up to KL this weekend to take part in Leg 1 of the official MPOC season 2009. We'll be joined by fellow Singapore based teams like the Red Sevens. Hopefully more Singaporean teams will commit to entering at least one leg of the season to help promote tournament paintball in Singapore. The more teams competing at a higher level, the easier it will be for the local paintball community to lobby for more support from the SSC, Tourism Board, SPF and other companies that can benefit from business opportunities and health benefits that tournament paintball offers.

Let's make 2009 the year torunament paintball receives the support, help and recognition it deserves here in Singapore.


The MPOC of 2009 will be heavily powered by vendors with KCHL, Pro Paintball and Napshot already committed to the cause.These three vendors will be the Platinum & Paint sponsors of the MPOC 2009.Yes..2009 will be the year that paintballs will be open to all brands in the MPOC.

KCHL will also be the Official Air Supplier. Xtion Paintball Park will again be the Co-Organiser and KSN will be the Official Venue for all events held at Xtion Paintball.

The interest of major international vendors Dye, JT, KEE , Smart Parts, Luxe, Sup'airball & Spyder will be represented by these vendors.

The commitment of the oldest and pioneer paintball league in Malaysia will be to continue in our efforts to make paintball affordable to all in a sustainable manner.We have managed to basically maintain our registration cost and more importantly bring down the cost of paintballs in 2009 while increasing the prize money.

We are also very proud to be associated with the illustrious Malaysian Marshals (MMs) who will continue to ensure all teams get an equal chance in the league.Respected even by paintballers in the region,they will spearhead the integrity of the MPOC in 2009.

At the point of this posting, we await the decision of another main vendor in the country if they are in for the MPOC in 2009.

We trust that we will be better positioned to serve the sport in 2009 but we will need your support..without whom..all these will be for nothing.



1st Leg            - 10th & 11th January - Xtion Paintball KL(Confirmed)

Bonus Event     - 13/14/15th February - Labuan Open(Int)(Confirmed)

2nd Leg           - 7th & 8th March - UIAM/Xtion Paintball KL

3rd Leg            - 18th & 19th April - Xtion Paintball KL

4th Leg            - 6th & 7th June - Penang/Johor

5th & Final Leg  - 14th,15th & 16th August - Xtion Paintball KL


Division 1 will be playing the M7 Format with PSP or Millennium ramping allowed.

Division 2 will be playing the M5 Format with PSP or Millennium ramping allowed. (Minimum of 9 prelim games)

Division 3 will be playing the M5 Format in semi auto mode.(Minimum of 9 prelim games)

Division 4 will be playing the M5 Format with non electronic markers only.(Rentals will be provided for this division).Team may use their own equipment if they have them.(Minimum of 7 prelim games)


Division 1 - Registration RM600

Division 2 - Registration RM400

Division 3 - Registration RM300

Division 4 - Registration RM200

Player ID Card : RM45 per registered player(Per Season)


Division 1 - Team may use the brand they wish by submitting the paint earlier to the organisers for approval.A corkage of $70 applies for each box brought .They may also buy during the tournament.

D2 / D3 /D4 - These teams will have the option of paintballs either from Pro Paintball,KCHL,Skirmish or Napshot if they are sponsors of the MPOC in 2009.Paintball prices starts from RM 175 all the way to RM 190.

No unapproved paintballs will be allowed on site.


Division 1
1st Prize  - Trophy + Medals +RM4000 + 4 Boxes(For WCA 2009) Total Value :RM4940
2nd Prize - Medals + RM2800 + 3 Boxes(For WCA 2009)              Total Value :RM3505
3rd Prize -  Medals + RM1500 + 2 Boxes(For WCA 2009)              Total Value :RM1970

Series Prize: Trophy +RM6000 + World Cup Asia Entry for Div 1(RM1820) Total Value: RM7820

Division 2
1st Prize  - Trophy + Medals + RM3500 + 4 Boxes(For MPOC 2009) Total Value :RM4200
2nd Prize - Medals + RM2500 + 3 Boxes(For MPOC 2009)               Total Value :RM3025
3rd Prize  - Medals + RM1500 + 2 Boxes(For MPOC 2009)               Total Value :RM1850

Series Prize: Trophy + RM5500 + World Cup Asia Entry for Div 2(RM1456) Total Value: RM6956

Division 3
1st Prize  - Trophy + Medals + RM3000 + 6 Boxes(For MPOC 2009) Total Value :RM4050
2nd Prize - Medals + RM2000 + 4 Boxes(For MPOC 2009)               Total Value :RM2700
3rd Prize  - Medals + RM1000 + 2 Boxes(For MPOC 2009)               Total Value :RM1350

Series Prize: RM4500 + World Cup Asia Entry into Div 3(RM728) Total Value: RM5228

Division 4
1st Prize   - Medals + RM2000  Worth of prizes 
2nd Prize  - Medals + RM1400  Worth of Prizes 
3rd Prize   - Medals + RM 700   Worth of Prizes

Series Prize: World Cup Asia Entry into Div 3 (RM728)
If more than 15 teams in most legs:Spyder Sponsorship of Electronic Marker, Jersey, Pants, Goggle, Harness and Loader

By houdini on
by houdini on 11/17/2008 5:31 PM

Brian, Chak, Kevin (Napshot Sponsor), Daud and Victor

The World Cup Asia experience for Team Damnation was truly amazing. After all of us put in a lot of hard work in the lead up to the World Cup Asia having to handle all our own logistics, travel plans, budgets and management - the event was bigger and better than I had ever imagined. Victor and I left Singapore early last Wednesday to help our sponsors Napshot and KEE Action Sports set up their trade tent. It was great bumping into teams from all around the world - some new faces like us and some who are coming for their 3rd WCA. The rest of the team joined us on Thursday and we set about preparing ourselves for the opening day of competition.

That evening at the Captains meeting we were introduced to the International referees from Australia, the UK, Malaysia and Germany and teams drew lots to decide which teams would play who in round one. Our round one draw included matches against 3 Malaysian teams who have consistently ranked top 3 in tournaments results all season and Singapore's first paintball team the Red Sevens. For a team who had only just picked up their equipment the week before we knew we were in for a lesson is speedball but we were happy to be playing the best teams so that we could get more experience on how they play.

Day One / Round One. Both Singapore teams started off with game wins. Our 5 man line-up Vs Splatzone included myself playing back left corner, Brian playing mid left and Dean playing front snake. Daud played right mid/front and Victor player back right. The refs called 'Game on' and our WCA tournament began in hail of paintballs and screaming voices calling out positions and directions. It's hard to keep up with exactly who shot out who but before we knew it those of us left on the field were on the oppositions side grabbing the flag to return to our side of the field. Our win was a total shock to us but boosted our confidence a lot.

We lost the next game Vs DOA trying the same formation. We were a little too eager and lost some key players which turned the game quickly. Game 3 we won convincingly Vs PGX Syndrome from Sarawak (even though we could have lost as the opposition still had a player left that could have, if he had been more aware, taken the game from us). To be fair I don't think the team heard the ref call 'game on' as they were left standing at the starting gate with all of us shooting them. Our guest player Mark rodigues from KL had the pleasure of running the flag back for the win.

Game 4 Vs Team Nightmare and Game 5 Vs Johor Pirates were always going to be tough matches. These two teams have many tournaments and wins under their belts and it showed. Team Nightmare took us out one by one leaving our two corner guys Victor and Chak hanging on for a draw. Victor got taken out and 'Iron' Chak tried to hold on but was eventually surrounded and taken out. In fading light we had to play Johor Pirates and our mentors sure gave us a lesson in paintball. We had one additional match against Team Hoodlums on a field that neither team had played on all day but due to schedule changes we were forced to play. Once again in a hail of paintballs we were dismissed pretty quickly. We couldn't see a thing but we were all too tired to worry about it...

I'll update you on Day Two / Round One of World Cup Asia when the rest of the team debrief me on their second day of competition...
I have posted more pictures from WCA on our website

By houdini on
by houdini on 11/7/2008 12:49 PM




14-16 NOV 2008 KL, MALAYSIA

World Cup Asia 2008 is only a week away and organisers, teams and industry players are rushing around trying to get last minute preparations finalised. With the fantastic support paintball in Malaysia has received from Tourism Malaysia and the Minister of Youth and Sport Malaysia WCA promises to be another great event that will push paintball into the media spotlight. World Cup Asia 2008 will not only feature teams from the ASEAN region and the USA competing but also be host to one of the largest paintball trade fairs the region has ever seen. Industry players from around the world will be launching new product, holding technical seminars and touching base with their local distributors. For anyone interested in or involved in paintball, this is one event that should not be missed (the shopping alone will be worth the journey).

The International and Malaysian Team lists for Division 1, 2 and 3 are nearly all confirmed. It is a 5 Vs 5 tournament and teams will try to gain points to make it through to the next round of competition and ultimately the finals. Each Division has slightly different rules with Division 1 being the most experienced section. Unlike other similar World Cup sporting events teams are not chosen to represent countries as such, they are existing teams based in certain countries. Many teams are made of members from different countries, there is no womens or mens divisions - there are some all male teams, there are mixed teams and there are some all female teams and all compete on equal terms. WCA competitors are all self funded, some have a little support from sponsors in terms of discounted gear and equipment, most are just simple family people who love competition paintball and are willing to sacrifice their time and money for the love of the game. Singapore based teams include the Red Sevens, whose members have been at the forefront of expanding paintball awareness in Singapore in recent years and my very own Team Damnation. By no means do we have the experience to compete at this level but we are going to give it a go in any case.

Here's the most recently updated list of teams competing at WCA 2008. Come and show your support for paintball and see some of the regions best players in action.

(Teams with no country listing are from Malaysia.)

Div 1:

1)Team Datis(Iran)
2)Team Infernal(Thailand)
3)Team Alien 11(Thailand)
4)Team Ku(Japan)
5)Team Nexum(Thailand)
6)Team Raskal
7)Team Swat(Aust)
8)Team Wasp Gold(Aust)
9)Team Wasp Blue(Aust)
10)Team Zealous
11)Team Sixty2Bar(Thai)
12)Team Demonz Red
13)Team Xtioneer
14)Team Macdev Ronin
15)Team Eclipse Raskal(UK/Mal)
16)Team Joy Division??
17)Team Ton Tons??

Div 2:

1)1 2 I.D. Paintball(Korea/US)
2)Team Splatmasters(Phil)
3)Team RealPinoy(Phil)
4)Team Global Pinoy(Phil)
5)Team Wasp Black(Aust)
6)Team Highway Star(Thai)
7)Team Demonic(Thai)
8)Team Aggression(Thai)
9)Team Mission to Mars(Thai)
10)Team Immortalz
11)Team Matrix Entourage
12)Team Infernal 2(Thai)
13)Team Wolverines
14)Team Splatzone Dragoons(Sabah)
15)Team Killer Beez
16)Team Rimba Bandits
17)Team Dynamics(Taiwan)
18)Team Thai Yamaha(Thai)
19)Team Warriors
20)Team Iron Sea(Johor)
21)Team KL Lock'down

Div 3:

1)Team PPS Syndrome(Sarawak)
2)Team PPS Godfather(Sarawak)
3)Team Romeoz
4)Team Ghost
5)Team D'Mercy Kidz(Johor)
6)Team Johor Pirates(Johor)
7)Team Nightmare
8)Team Demonz X
9) Team Damnation (Sin/Mal/Aust)
10)Team D.O.A(Perak)
11)Team Undeath(Penang)
12)Team Dark Angels
13)Team Global Pinoy 3(Phil)
14)Team 3ntity(Sabah)
15)Team Jesselton NXS(Sabah)
16)Team Gober(Indo)
17)Team D'Hazzard(Indo)
18)Team Splatzone Pangaitz(Sabah)
19)Team PGX Syndrome (Sarawak)
20)Team PPS Headhunters(Sarawak)
21)Team Hoodlums(Sabah)
22)Team Jakarta Kingdom(Indo)
23)Team Oscar Legio-X(Pahang)
24) Team Red Sevens (Sin)
25)Team Forsakens
26)Team Rhino(Indo)
27)Team Big warrior (Indo)??
28)Team Buser (Indo)??


To find out more about paintball in Singapore or about Team Damnation visit our website

By houdini on
by houdini on 11/6/2008 12:23 PM



Welcome to our first blog post about paintball in Singapore and my paintball team - Team Damnation.

Why bother writing this in here you ask? Well paintballers like myself are screaming for recognition in Singapore and we have very few avenues to help us market the sport and encourage new participents. Although paintball parks have been open in Singapore for over 8 years few people know that other than paintball team building sessions and recreational fun activities, paintball is also being played as a competition sport all around the world.

First for those who know nothing about paintball I'll run through the history and the development of the sport. This is taken directly from our Team Profile document which we use to send to sponsors and the media.

Who invented paintball?

Originally developed to mark trees and stray cattle with paint from a distance, The Nelson Paint Company in America led the development of these marker tools from 1940 - 1960.     

In 1981, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel and Bob Gurnsey, were credited with organising a survival game with a dozen players using the same paintball markers designed to mark trees. As some of these players also happened to be sports writers, articles about the adrenalin rush and excitement of their experience soon appeared in magazines like Sports Illustrated, Time and Sports Afield.   

Marker Pellets    

With overwhelming interest from readers, Bob Gurnsey organised rules and start up kits for other interested players. He opened his first paintball field in 1982. The following year saw a National Championships held with prize money of $14000 cash. Paintball in different forms quickly spread throughout the world to countries like Canada, England and Australia.     

Today there are thousands of paintball fields throughout the world in over 140 countries. The sport has evolved into a
700 million dollar worldwide industry supporting the growing demand for markers, safety equipment, clothing and fashion, field equipment, magazines, instructional videos, video games, websites and more.    

At an amateur level, millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles are enjoying paintball. The sport has quickly become a popular recreational activity and team-building tool. And yes paintball is safe! In fact, more people get injured participating in basketball, golf, football and even fishing. An independent insurance company has rated paintball safer than all these sports.   
There are professional leagues and tournaments circuits around the world with US events aired live on ESPN since 1992. Corporations like Pepsi-Cola, Budweiser, Corona and Mazda are now sponsoring many of the world’s major paintball competitions, which has added to the  glamour of paintball and helped the growth of the sport worldwide. 

10.4 million people play paintball in the USA - that’s more than baseball!!!  

Who knows, one day we may see paintball as an Olympic sport?

Speedball - the paintball sport

Speedball is a team game usually involving 3, 5 or 7 players per team. Speedball is normally characterized by a smaller playing field, inflatable bunkers, and a short game time. To succeed in this format one must gain individual skills and teamwork such as aggressive movement and non-stop communication. Because of the small size of the field and the small bunkers, both teams easily see each other, so this type of paintball is based on aggressiveness, marker handling, strategic movements, and communication.   
Tournament speedball usually entails a points system, but varies from league to league. In the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League - USA), opposing flag format, points are awarded for staying in the game the whole round, shooting someone out, grabbing the flag, and hanging the flag.

The most commonly used markers at these events are markers with electronic trigger/firing systems. Such markers may be capable of rates of fire reaching or exceeding 15 paintballs per second using electronically assisted firing modes.   

There are a variety of paintball leagues that employ speedball as their format for tournaments. Two of the main national leagues are the NPPL and the PSP which owns the professional Xball league the NXL. Each has their own professional and amateur divisions and has slightly different rules. The Millennium Series is Europe's national league and features rules and styles of game play similar to that of the PSP and NPPL. These leagues have seen tremendous growth within the past 5 years.   
Sponsorships, TV endorsements, extensive media coverage, and nation wide events have all pushed the leagues into mainstream popularity. In 2007, at World Cup, the most popular PSP event located at Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex, boasted over 35,000 spectators and featured 373 teams.   
There are also numerous regional and local events all over the world, including most paintball fields which many times host their own events.


Team Damnation - Cyber skills Vs Paintball skills?

The team was founded in 2004 but not originally for paintball. A group of online gamers who had been playing Xbox shooter games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon organised a couple of teams to take part in a  local Xbox tournament. These players became known as Team Damnation.   
TD - Game OnOver the years the team had taken part in social paintball outings to test whether their cyber skills could be replicated in real-life. Even before the release of the first Xbox paintball video game ‘Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball’, most of the team were aware that paintball was already becoming a huge sport in the USA.

When we heard about the Singapore Paintball Novice Series 08, a local tournament featuring the paintball sport known as Speedball, we decided to get more serious about paintball as everything about the sport appealed to us: a great way to have fun, keep fit, make friends and compete.

It’s still early days for Team Damnation but there is a collective determination and commitment to train hard, play as much as possible, compete in local and international tournaments and promote the sport of paintball in Singapore.

There is no doubt that the road ahead will be hard work, but with the support of family, friends and sponsors Team Damnation hope to keep on expanding and improving for years to come.


Grant Harrison aka “houdini” (Captain/Team Manager)
Victor William aka “AMOK” (Media Management)
Daud Ali aka “MYAADRAAL”
Brian Read aka "ROCKET"
Zainudin Dollah aka “mDean”
James Lee aka "Sunday"
Erizemen Juseri aka "Eerie"
Kelly Wong Chak Pung aka "Chak"
Sharifah Lili Nassier aka "Lili"
Shireen Lim aka "Shirz" 


Team Damnation are proud to announce sponsorship of the team by KEE ACTION SPORTS and NAPSHOT Paintball for the 2009 season. The sponsorship will include Empire and Invert gear and accessories for the entire team.

We would like to thank Mr Billy Ceranski and Mr Kevin Mahoney of KEE Action Sports and Mr Nicholas Wong and Mr Kevin Wong of Napshot for giving us this opportunity. We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Paul Lam for having the faith in a new team and giving us the encouragement to grab this amazing opportunity.

Last but not least we would like to thank all our fellow paintballers in Singapore and Malaysia for your warm welcome and friendship. You will all definitely see more of Team Damnation in the year to come! Stay tuned for more details!




KEE Action Sports is dedicated to the business owners, enthusiasts, and athletes who thrive on adrenaline. We put over 30 years of combined experience to work to produce and supply the widest selection of top quality products with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. KEE Action Sports is about your success.

KEE Action Sports sells only to qualified retail stores and commercial paintball fields. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees is committed to ensuring that your experience with KEE Action Sports is always positive. KEE Action Sports has seven strategically located distribution facilities across the United States, plus facilities in Canada and the United Kingdom. Our distribution network is designed for the convenience of our dealers.

KEE Action Sports is the exclusive source for RPS®, Empire™, Pure Energy®, HALO™, EVIL®, Vents™, Extreme Rage®, PCS®, Diablo™, Piranha®, SportShot™, Shocktech™ and Invert™ paintball products. KEE Action Sports also distributes an extensive list of brand-name items from manufacturers including BT Paintball, Dye, Proto, Redz, Planet Eclipse, BattleMax, First Endeavor, and more. The highest quality, best brands, widest variety and unsurpassed customer service are all available from KEE Action Sports.



Official dealer and retailer of some of the biggest brands in paintball. Napshot have been great supporters of Malaysian and Singaporean tournaments and teams.
No. 52-1, Jalan PJU 8/5B, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MalaysiaTel: +603 7710 3960   Fax: +603 7710 3961 




If your interested in playing paintball as a sport come check out our Team Damnation website. You'll find links to local fields and forums and more information on our team. You can contact us via our website if you are interested in trying out for the team or if simply want to know more about paintball. We'll be happy to help.
Keep this blog bookmarked. I'll be announcing some local paintball sessions in Singapore where interested people can come try out paintball for themselves. Come give it a go - it may not be everyone but unless you try you'll never know.

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