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Do you know that was first launched on 6 May 2008 to provide all that you need to know about the local sporting scene?

The face of Sporting Singapore, and empowered by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), is a one-stop lifestyle portal, offering a plethora of sports events and engagements for the everyday sporting individual, and for those who simply wish to know more about the local sporting verve.

Check out our Singapore Sports Event Calendar for updates on events listing, get insightful news on the local and international sports scenes, or simply flash your membership card for shopping and dining privileges at our sporting partners’ outlets.

About Let’s Play
Let’s Play is a nation-wide movement by the Singapore Sports Council to encourage everyone in Singapore to embrace sports as a lifestyle choice. Sports, while also fun, offers health and social benefits. Let’s Play seeks to connect, energise and enrich everyone from all walks of life through the many aspects of sports, be it playing, watching, cheering or volunteering.

For more information on Let’s Play, please visit

About Singapore Sports Council
Formed in 1973, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) is tasked with developing a holistic sports culture for the nation. The SSC creates opportunities for people to excel in sports; opportunities for people to be engaged in sports as, coaches, officials, volunteers or fans; and opportunities for people to do business in sports as sponsors and investors. The SSC has changed the way Singaporeans view and participate in sports. Through sports, we now have an enhanced national identity thanks to our sports participation programmes; greater national pride as a result of high performance results at international and regional games; and more diversified economic stability through our vibrant sports industry initiatives.